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Our Morale and Happiness Officer

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Dilly, the youngest member of our team, is our Morale and Happiness Officer.

Like us, she has a fascination for bugs! She will sit in our garden for hours just staring into the grass watching them.

Every day she encourages us to put our walking boots on and head out into the beautiful Kent countryside where we are blessed with fabulous chalk downlands, woodlands and coastal walks and some of the rarest bees and butterflies in Britain. Whether it’s Victory Woods, nr Whitstable (Shrill Carder Bee site) or Bonsai Bank nr Petham (Duke of Burgundy Butterfly colony site) or the wild shores of Dungeness (Short-haired bumblebee release site) she always joins us on our wildflower and pollinator forays.

Her name is short for Picaddily, following a family tradition of naming Border Terriers after London train stations (Victoria, Paddington etc). At one time it was thought to be short for delinquent - but she has long grown out of that phase!

I have to say she is completely dedicated to her role and is a valuable member of our team!

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